Quite Hot Imposing Demo  v.3.0

Quite Hot Imposing is a nice and interesting program with many features.

Quite Imposing  v.2.0

Quite Imposing is a family of plug-ins for Adobe's Acrobat 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 from Quite Software. It comprises Quite Imposing and its sister product, Quite Imposing Plus.


Quite Imposing Plus (English)  v.2.0

The family comprises Quite Imposing and its sister product, Quite Imposing Plus so creating booklets or arranging complex imposition layouts has never been easier and all without leaving Acrobat!

Taj Mahal 3D

A real pearl of Indian architecture and one of 7 World's Wonders, Taj Mahal is a perfect sample of marble delight and pleasure! Imposing, godlike, shining, despite its enormous height it looks so light and airy, that it seems you are in a fairy dream!

Around the World: India

Embark on a fascinating journey to India, one of the most mysterious and multifaceted countries in the world. Marvel at the exotic beauty and grandeur of an Indian temple with an imposing statue of Shiva in front of it. Let the meditative music and

Heartsome XLIFF Translation Editor  v.6 3

XLIFF is the new generation translation standard of the industry, imposing and fast becoming indispensable, a revolutionary standard specially designed to take translation technology to a completely new level.

PRFIntermod  v.

The intermod product calculator programs that one finds today generally just do brute-force number crunching. They generate huge imposing looking lists of possible intermod products for a technician to investigate.

Send To Publisher  v.2.1

Send To Publisher enables you to create handouts, create booklet publications that enable you to perform imposing, and create booklets of Microsoft PowerPoint slides with notes attached to the slides. Using Send To Publisher,

Big Cats Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1

Take a walk through the jungles, forests and mountains of the world and see the imposing big cats: lions, leopards, jaguars, tigers, cougars, snow leopards and lynxes in this fun puzzle game. For a more challenging experience try the Very Hard mode. Enjoy

BookLightning  v.1.7.1

BookLightning is a utility for imposing PDF files into booklets, either for further processing or to print directly on a duplex printer.

Imposition Wizard  v.1.6.2001

Imposition Wizard is a standalone application for Mac OS X that does imposing.

Printing Pdf as Booklet  v.1.3.10

AxpertSoft Pdf Booklet Creator software is awesome desktop application for converting normal pdf document into foldable booklet format by imposing pages in book style. This booklet pdf can later be printed on paper of A0, A1, A2, A3 & A4 sizes.

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